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Toddlers: A Day in the Life at Billy Dalwin Preschool

At Billy Dalwin Preschool, a day in the life of a toddler is a vibrant journey of adventure and discovery. The moment your child enters the welcoming atmosphere, they are greeted with opportunities to explore, create, and connect.

Good Morning

The morning begins with outside play and learning, where toddler students eagerly embrace nature's wonders. Whether chasing butterflies, digging in the sandbox, or feeling the grass beneath their feet, every moment outdoors in the beautiful Billy Dalwin Preschool Teva forest is a chance to marvel at the world around them. Teachers and students go outside in all kinds of weather, exploring the cycle of life and wonderments of nature.

Creative Time

As the day unfolds, toddlers immerse themselves in daily art exploration, where they are encouraged to express their creativity freely. Armed with paintbrushes, crayons, and plenty of imagination, they eagerly dive into colorful masterpieces,  reflecting their unique toddler perspective of the world.

Music fills the air as toddlers gather for singing and dancing sessions, joyfully clapping, stomping, and twirling to the rhythm. Through lively tunes and playful movements, they develop motor skills and cultivate a deep appreciation for music and self-expression.

Jewish Tradition

Exploring Jewish culture is woven seamlessly into the fabric of their day, with engaging activities that celebrate tradition and heritage. From lighting Shabbat candles to learning about Jewish holidays, toddlers embark on a discovery journey guided by curiosity and wonder. But the most cherished moments are those spent forging friendships and learning to be independent. 

Learning New Skills

Through shared experiences and gentle guidance, toddlers navigate the complexities of social interaction, building bonds that will last a lifetime. As they take their first steps towards independence, they discover the thrill of mastering new skills and the confidence to explore the world around them. From washing their hands to putting on their shoes, time is taken to help and guide our children to enjoy doing it themselves. 

In every corner of Billy Dalwin, a day in the life of a toddler is filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities. It's a magical journey where each moment is treasured, each discovery celebrated, and each child cherished for the unique spark they bring to the world.

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