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Kehillah {keh-hee-LAH}

Learning Communities


18 Months- 2.8

Our toddler community is often a child's first experience being in a group. We honor this first step into the community by providing a responsive, safe, and nurturing space to explore the world outside the home. Our thoughtfully prepared environments are designed for exploration and curiosity. Our materials can be used in many ways, providing opportunities to challenge and expand young minds through art, music, movement, science, and much more.


You will notice simple child-size furniture to encourage independence and provide comfort in our home-like environment and beautifully designed natural materials that fill our classrooms. Our professional educators are highly trained and knowledgeable. They observe and create natural opportunities for hands-on learning and self-development, building confidence and skills in young children.

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Our project-based emergent curriculum allows the preschool child to develop intellectual curiosity and creative thinking and processing. Our program is designed to respect the unique abilities of individual children while encouraging a connection to the community and Jewish identity through collaboration.


At Billy Dalwin, our classrooms, shared space, and outdoor Teva (natural forest) are designed to offer opportunities to practice skills that will create a foundation for lifelong learning. We focus on constructing learning in a flexible, joyful, and interesting way for the child. Natural development fosters a strong sense of self, intentionally focusing on social and emotional learning, responsibility, and resilience.

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