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Billy Dalwin Pre-School depends upon tax-deductible donations to cover the school’s total annual expenses including scholarships and professional development. Like most non-profit pre-schools, each year Billy Dalwin Pre-School asks parents, staff, alumni families, friends, relatives, and corporations to invest in our school’s success. A donation to our pre-school is an opportunity to demonstrate your support and recognition of Billy Dalwin Pre-School’s values, philosophy, and leadership in Jewish early childhood education.

In addition to our Annual Fund, we also have an ongoing Name Bubbles fundraiser, annual MLK Day fundraising event for families with young children, Butcherie fundraiser (drop off your stamped Butcherie receipt at the preschool office), and STAR: Staff Teacher Appreciation and Recognition fundraiser (near the end of each school year).

Help us continue to meet the many needs of our community!

By Check

Checks, payable to “Billy Dalwin Pre-School of Temple Emunah”, can be mailed to:
Billy Dalwin Pre-School
9 Piper Road
Lexington, MA 02421


We accept online donations through Temple Emunah’s Chaver-ware. Your login ID is your email address. If you are not a Temple member, please create a guest account. If you have any questions, someone in the Temple office (781-861-0300) will be happy to help you during regular business hours.