Typical Day


Our daily routine includes a range of developmentally appropriate activities. We spend part of each school day outdoors, weather permitting.

Half Day

From morning arrival to lunch, daily activities encourage exploration and support the development of social, motor, communication and pre-academic skills.

  • Choice Time – Teachers look forward to greeting families as they arrive and helping children begin their day. While one teacher is welcoming each child and their parent or care-giver at the door, another can be found helping children settle into their “choice” activity. A variety of construction materials, dramatic play, sensory activities, crafts, fine-motor tasks and books are available each day.
  • Circle Time – Once most children have arrived, we come together to review the schedule for the day, the weather, and a story or song. We will regroup for more Circle or Small Group Time throughout the morning.
  • Snack – Each family will send a peanut/nut-free snack for their own child to enjoy mid-way through the morning.
  • Outdoor Activity – Movement is a critical part of each child’s development, and this time of the day might include open-ended play on our spacious playground, nature walks, or organized group games. We also have two large well-equipped indoor play areas just outside our classrooms that are always available for movement activities and big muscle play.
  • Lunch – We conclude our morning together with lunch in the classroom.
Full Day

Our Keshet program extends the Half Day experience from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and includes different special activities each day of the week – such as cooking, storytelling, gross motor games, and more. The Pre-School provides a nutritious snack each afternoon.

For children enrolled in our Full Day program, the Keshet Program is included every day; for children enrolled in our Half Day program, families can add the Keshet Program (by contract).


Enrichment programs supplement our weekly activities:

  • Shabbat Sing is held each week and it includes songs, movement, visits from the rabbis, family guests and opportunities to be the Shabbat Helper for the classroom.
  • Each class enjoys thirty minutes of Wiggles and Giggles creative movement bi-weekly.
  • Parents are welcome to share their interests with our students: cooking, science, yoga and crafts have been past favorites! A visit to pre-school is a wonderful way to honor a child’s birthday or another special event.